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the company is founded in 1993

Construction of swimming pools with Franmer

Construction of swimming pools with a bowl of the composite. Our company produces composite fiberglass pools.If you already have your own country house or cottage it's time to think about the construction of the pool. Recently only some people could buy pools. Artificial reservoirs were considerd to be an atribute of luxury. More often concrete pools were built.They were being built for a long time and required significant financial investments. But today the situation has changed. Now construction of private pools is fast and not so labour-consuming. It is of the many benefits of composite pools. You will see gradual process on the page "Stages of construction and pool installation options".  

Swimming pool construction turnkey

Do you dream of your own beautiful and reliable pool in a short time and at a reasonable price? The company Franmer builts pools turkey quickly, professionaly and without prolonged construction. It is suffice to contact our company and experienced  professionals will make your dream true within 14 days. Studying of the market is a very important component while constructing. It is important to address professionals and trust professionals of a stable company. It took 10 years of hard work and introduction of new technologies to to win the trust of Russian buyers in the sphere of producing public swimming pools. Thanks to the company Franmer construction of private pools in Russia gained high popularity and composite pools have proved themselves in the construction market. 

Composite (fiberglass) pools

Fiberglass pools are made of durable and flexible polyester. Such bowls perfectly withstand water pressure and moreover they are very durable. In contrast to the concrete pools on the surface of such ones there are no pores occupied by bacteria.

Swimming in a fiberglass pool you can be sure that the water is perfectly clean. Artificial water body will give you good health and well being to all members of your family. But before you buy and start building you have to make the right choice. Your pool must be not only reliable, durable but also harmonize with environment being a part of it. Of course , only you can decide where you will swim: in a concrete or in a fiberglass pool. Making a decision do not forget about the main thing: swimming pools should give you pleasure and benefit to your health. 


Company Franmer is a recognized leader in the field of professional building of swimming pools throughout Russia.

Dealer Network 

We are actively expanding our dealer network throughout Russia. Today geografhy of sales covers the territory from Sochi to Novosibirsk. From year to year qualitative and  stylish pools are getting closer and more accessible to you.  You can choose our representative or dealer in the "Contact Us" to buy any pool and start building. 

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